Students report (for international students / visitors) …

The “Fachoberschule” (FOS) at the Emil-Possehl-Schule in Lübeck is a course in which you are able to gain the advanced technical college certificate (grade 12). With this technical college qualification, you are qualified to study at a technical college after one year of full-time school. As a second foreign language, French can be “restarted” at beginner level, which is necessary to obtain the general higher education entrance qualification. For the FOS you will need a middle school diploma and successful completion of an apprenticeship.
The “Berufsoberschule” (BOS) leads you to the general higher education entrance qualification or to the subject-related entrance qualification (grade 13) within one school year. With this qualification, you are entitled to study at a university or a university of applied sciences. The second foreign language is French. For the BOS, successful completion of a vocational training and the advanced technical college certificate are prerequisites.

You will have 36 hours of school every week in the FOS/BOS. If you do not choose the second foreign language, it will be only 32 hours per week. In the FOS you will be taught: German, English, Mathematics, Business Studies and Politics, Technology, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education, Philosophy and French. In the BOS, on the other hand, the subjects: Physical Education, Physics, Philosophy and Chemistry will no longer be taught which means you can concentrate on the other subjects. You have to keep in mind that because of fewer subjects, your numerus clausus can change drastically. Most of the time your lessons will be taught in the newly built engineering complex which is extremely well-equipped.

The FOS and BOS are a good alternative to sixth form at secondary school because you are able to achieve the general higher education entrance qualification as well. Even if your strengths are not in foreign languages, you can achieve the subject-related entrance qualification with only one foreign language instead of two. If you want to study upon completion of your studies and you choose a technical field of study, for example civil engineering, you will have a considerable advantage over the other students because you have already learned many skills in the FOS/BOS.

The attendance at the FOS/BOS is exempt from school fees. You are also entitled to state financial support (BAFöG). In the BOS, this financial support is independent from your parent`s income.


Text and translation: Jan Stuhr and Daria Nikoleyczik (BOS18 and former FOS17A).